Obsessing over: NYX COSMETICS 

Hi lovelies! Happy Saturday 💘 

Hope you’re all well! I’m feeling super bleh (despite the fact it’s Saturday). I’m full of the cold, sore throat and super bunged up head so naturally the only thing making me feel better is some new makeup to play with 🤗.

I can’t get enough of NYX Cosmetics right now! 

I bought my first NYX Cosmetics “Butter Gloss” lipglosses from Cult Beauty a few weeks ago and fell in love with them! 

“Toasted Marshmallow” and “Madeline”. The texture is great as it’s not sticky at all, keeps your lips hydrated and the colour is strong. Everything a gal looks for in a lipgloss. 💄 and only £8!!

So naturally, I had to get my hands on more NYX goodies to experiment with. 
This HD eye shadow base is insane! I love it. I can’t think what I done before I had my hands on this. It keeps your eye shadow on ALL day! It stops the shadow from creasing, keeps colour looking vibrant and helps colours go on more true to their pigment. There’s nothing worse for me than when I apply eye shadow and the colour is so drab compared to the swatch. It’s also such good value for only £5.50. 

I used to use good old Topshop “pen marker” liquid liner – which I would highly recommend. However, as it’s started to dry out, I wanted to try something new. I’m very skepictal when it comes to eyeliner (and mascara – you have to invest in a good one!) but I love the NYX super skinny eyes marker liquid liner. It’s so easy to use – if like me, traditional liquid liner ends up everywhere all over your face!! The NYX super skinny eye marker allows your lines to appear straighter and neater. You can go thick or thin with the pen marker as you can build up colour, density and shape gradually. If there’s one makeup product you buy this weekend, make it this!! You can get it for only £8!

If I ever have too much of one particular makeup product, it’s lipgloss and lipstick. But can a girl really ever have too much??

I think not. 

I got this divine NYX “Lip Lingerie” liquid lipstick in the colour “Push Up” which is a blush nude type colour – £6.50.  The colour goes on great and stays on for ages! I wear it with the NYX lip pencil in “Peekaboo Neutral”. The lip liners are only £3 which are way cheaper than some other cosmetic counters – I can see myself stocking up on an array of colours over the next few weeks! The liquid lipsticks are a great alternative to traditional lipstick as they are more moisturising and easier to glide on in a hurry! 

All of the NYX Cosmetic products are great value for money with the same quality as more expensive beauty brands which is why I love it so much. So get on over to Boots and splurge!! (even better if you have a boots card with some advantage points!)

So after making my face look a little more pretty and little less stuffy, I’m off to get a new set of gel mani-pedi and enjoy some fun in the sun with my other half. 

Have a great weekend everybody 💘 

This is Kirsty X


The blonde having more fun…

Happy Hump Day Beauties! We’re half way there and the weekend is calling!


I was looking at my hair the other week and wondering how long I could possibly get out of this colour session before having to book another appointment – I literally go months without dying it then get to a point where people are complimenting my ‘dip-dye’. I normally use a Wella toner in between colours to brighten it up a little and it saves my long blonde locks from yet more peroxide. This is when I got to thinking how high maintenance blonde hair actually is.

Here is some of my go-to hair rituals for my long blonde hair;

FullSizeRender [219533]

First of all, my BFs sister recently told me about this new Fanola – No yellow shampoo and all I can say is I LOVE IT! Say goodbye to awkward toners, running out of toner (if you have a mountain of hair like me), dripping purple liquid all over your nice bathroom tiles and clothes for that matter too. You will know the pain if you use toners. I would normally use Wella’s Colour Fresh – Silver 0/6 toner but you get much better results with the Fanola – No Yellow Shampoo. You can get this on eBay for around £15/20 OR you can buy this in salon service stores.

FullSizeRender [219534]

IMG_0801 [222915]

And Voila! Refreshed hair! Use the Shampoo once a week or once every two weeks depending upon your hair.

So once my colour is under control, I have real bother with dry ends and keeping my hair looking healthy and long — every blonde’s dying mission.

I use a variety of different products to keep my hair in the best shape it can be. My go-to product is Kerastase Resistance Conditioner. I use this if I know I’m getting my hair coloured or for a couple of weeks after colouring. I also take this on holiday with me to try and stop sun damage. If you go skiing or snowboarding, you will know that your hair gets really dry because of the sun, snow and damp conditions so this is a must for me going away on my winter holidays too!

As a hair treat every month, I use Palmers Coconut Oil Protein Pack.


I leave this on for an hour (or you can leave it in over night) and wash out with no need to use conditioner afterwards – or you’re left with oily hair! This stuff smells amazing and does my hair wonders!

Of course, heat is the devil when it comes to blonde hair so I always use a hair oil when drying my hair or even if it’s just looking a little dry and tiered. There’s some really expensive hair oils on the shelves – which more or less all do the same thing. Whilst Morocan Oil is great – my cheaper alternative is Argan Oil of Morocco – you can buy this in all high street beauty stores or even supermarkets.

FullSizeRender [219536]


Of course, I try not to wash my hair everyday (I try every second day) to keep all the hairs’ natural oils in full swing and refrain from heat damage. So I use Batiste Dry Shampoo – I’m sure every female on the planet can agree this is a God send for those mornings when you’ve slept in or for using after a gym session. Or generally for really long hair that is an absolute bitch to dry – que extremely sore arm from holding the hair dryer (hair-drying is such a chore!). This wouldn’t be complete without my trusty Tangle Teezer. This is great for brushing out they knots and tangles – and great for using in the shower to brush through a hair mask or the Kerastase Resistance Conditioner.


So, is blonde really more fun? I died my hair brown twice before and my inner blonde was screaming at me. Would it save me these headaches?! Maybe…but I love blonde!

Have a great day – This is Kirsty X

My Beauty Must-Haves


Hello my lovelies! And Happy Friday – the weekend has finally landed!


Wow, what a week that was! Insanely busy and all go from Monday morning. So it’s a much needed quiet weekend for me with some pamper time for my hair, nails, body and face! So I thought this would be a great time to talk you through my beauty routine for my face and body.


First things first, make-up remover. It really freaks me out how people can without using a proper make-up remover and the thought of them really having to scrub at their skin makes me feel anxious. So I use ‘Take the day off’ by Clinique. This is great for waterproof make-up with the oil mix as it means you can simply glide your make-up off without having to scrub away it – especially around the eye area. The product is around £17 (depending on where you buy) and worth very penny.

Next, I use Liz Earle’s ‘Cleanse and Polish’ face wash – I’m currently using a limited edition Lavender edition which smells amazing. The product is a great mix of all natural ingredients with coca seed butter, rosemary, beeswax, eucalyptus and chamomile so it’s great for your skin. I use the cleanser with my Clarisonic either once daily or every second day depending on how skin feels. You get a muslin cloth to use with the cleanser which is a soft alternative to brushing away dead, dull skin cells. It’s more of a cream cleanser so can be quite harsh when using with the Clarisonic however, it’s great if you have dry skin as the formula is so hydrating. I have occasional bits of dry skin particularly around my chin so the cream wash can be great for hydrating without making my skin oily.

To coincide with my face wash, I use the Liz Earle ‘Cleanse and Polish Instant Boost Skin Tonic’.It smells amazing and takes off any remaining bits of make-up or residue. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and toned with an even complexion and great canvas.

My soul saviour is Estee Lauder’s ‘Advanced Night Repair’ serum – a miracle in a bottle. This is sold as a night-time serum and anti-ageing serum however, this can be used day and night and I would say acts more of a skin repair rather than an anti-ageing formula. This stuff smells great and dissolves easily into the skin leaving a clear and even complexion. If you have a blemish appear over night or any redness, apply a little ‘Advanced Night Repair’ and you will see a huge difference over night. The product is quite pricey – the prices’ range per size of the bottle between £52 – £88. Whilst this seems a lot, the product lasts’ for ages and you really get what you pay for.

Lastly, I apply the Liz Earle ‘Skin Repair Moisturiser’. I use the dry/sensitive pot however, there is a pot for normal and combination skin. The texture is fantastic providing good hydration without being too heavy so it feels like a mask. It sinks well into the skin and sets a good base for applying skin primer and foundation.

All Liz Earle products are priced reasonably well between £16 – 26. Without breaking the bank, the skin care range leaves your skin feeling flawless and refreshed.

My go-to ‘nice’ body moisturiser is Laura Mercier’s ‘Fresh Fig Body Souffle’. This is my ultimate favourite smell and leaves my skin feeling flawless and fabulous. I don’t use this everyday as it was quite pricey – at £75 – however, I have had this for around about 2 years and am only just about to run out so it’s well worth the money and gives me that little feeling of luxury.

Lastly, I think it’s really important to invest in a good perfume to create your signature scent. In this instance, mines’s in ‘Chanel Coco Mademoiselle’. It smells heavenly and uplifting with a femine sharpness. Each time I wear this, it make’s me feel like a female boss with a hint of eloquence. You only need a small amount once or twice a day and you will be smelling fresh all day long.


Now these are just my go-to products. I have a list the length of my arm of all my favorite products as I’m always up for trying new products and new brands. Feel free to leave any recommendations for me to try out.


So I’m off to enjoy my weekend starting with a gel nail appointment and deep conditioning hair treatment (more to follow..)

Have a great weekend dolls – This is Kirsty X

Beauty Bag: New Editions

Happy Monday Dolls! And a very happy Monday to my make-up bag! (I write this while trying to keep my Sephora – Nourishing Honey Face Mask on – which you can buy for only $6!! Not only that – I am whitening my pearly whites with Mr Blanc teeth strips).

image1 [129750].JPG
I need to try the new charcoal toothpaste! But these are amazing and non-peroxide!
I recently made my first order on CultBeauty.com and I have not looked back – I am obsessed! I stumbled upon Cult Beauty when trying to track down my trusty Anastasia Beverley Hills’ Dipbrow after running low. Not only stocking up on my DipBrow, I started browsing the make-up brushes and saw this beaut Zoeva Rose Gold Blending Brush which is amazing. I am a huge loyal MAC brushes gal however, I have officially converted. It blends really well and can pack on colour into the crease of your eye to add more definition.


NYX is my new favourite go-to for lipglosses! I bought the Intense Butter Gloss in the colour Toasted Marshmallow’ and had to go back to order ‘Madeline’. The colour goes on so smoothly and vibrantly without the stickyness and at only £7, they are a complete bargain.


I am now on a waitlist for at least 5x more products from Cult Beauty and already can’t wait to get my paws on some more shiny new make-up! On signing up with Cult Beauty. new customers get free shipping with code ‘CBWELCOME’ – so get ordering ladies.


My only non-cult beauty order is my new shaping brush my Bareminerals which I picked up from Harvey Nichols ( I had a £5 beauty to voucher to use and £5 makes all the difference so I got this beauty for only £18). And I just love it – it’s super soft and makes contouring feel like less of a chore with the brush blending effortlessly – highly recommend!


My Sephora mask is now drooping down my face and ready for lift-off so destiny calls – Have a great week darlings – This is Kirsty X




Everyday Essentials

As I was giving my make-up drawer a post-Christmas cleanse, I was sifting through some of my everyday essentials and creating space for some new and exciting products that I am going to add to the every-growing collection on my (not-so-far-away) trip to London!! I have already set my sights on Charlotte Tilbury goodies along with Illamasqua lipsticks and some highlighting goodness from Anastacia Beverley Hills. However, these are my babies for now and I can’t go a day without them. Firstly, I start with SmashBox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer. This is great for creating a soft even complexion and base before applying foundation (if you have an issue with large pores, it’s also great for that). My ultimate favorite is Estee Lauder’s double wear foundation (I wear colour ‘Tawny’). This stuff is epic!! This is the first foundation I have been able to apply in the morning and be confident that it is still on at night when I come home from work. You only need a VERY small amount as a little goes a long way – if you do go overboard, you end up with a mask which makes you look ghostly white in photos regardless of the colour. I also use Nars Iluminator in Orgasm. I have had this product for over a year and still have loads left. I like to just use a little during the day but go all out at night. It also doubles up as a sheen blush with the pinky colouring. My trusty blush is on it’s way out and has been used to the death so much so that I can’t even see what it’s called anymore. However, this is very similar to ‘Dolly Mixture’ which gives a sharp pink colour which looks great lightly dusted over cheek bones. I have my trusty Anastacia Beverley Hills DipBrow in shade ‘Blonde’. This product is amazing, so easy to use and can be adapted to create sharp bold looks or a soft everyday statement brow. Something that has been a staple over the Winter months, my Urban Decay NAKED Smokey Eyes palette – I love it!! From neutral mattes to bold glitter, it’s the perfect palette to take from day to night! Lastly, I use my Anastacia Beverley Hills contour kit in light to medium with the Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour brush. These pair work amazingly together!

So that’s a snapshot of my everyday essentials! However, this is a very small collection of  an every-growing collection which is taking up some well-deserved space in ‘The Drawer’. Any other recommendations would be welcome as I always love to try new products!

Hope you all have a great week – This is Kirsty X