What’s new?

Hi everyone! Sorry for the radio silence — between nursing a bad flu, a manic time at work and all things in between, This is Kirsty had become a little neglected. 
So what’s new? 

  • I have taken up running (like seriously, not the usual running I do in the gym which depends entirely on a treadmill and how much I can actually be bothered). 
  • I have come to realisation that Nike trainers are not my best friend and that my Asics are the new found love of my life (except my Michael obviously). 
  • I have eaten an impressive amount of avocados recently 🥑 
  • Besides gym clothes and work clothes, all I wear is loungewear and my dressing gown of late. 
  • My tollerence of bullshiters has decreased rapidly. 
  • I have finally realised that I am actually buying a house this year and therefore, I am actually going to be an adult. 
  • I have been reading a book for over 4 weeks now and still haven’t finished it (this is not like me at all). 

Trainers – Asic

Firstly, big up to these babies because these have saw me wave goodbye to sore feet and ankles. Although they are not as pretty as my trusty Nikes, I have fallen out of love with Nike and found a new born relationship with these Asics. Anyone that runs, get yourself to Run4It and they will find you the perfect fit! I have been doing numerous 5ks and signed up for the weekly ParkRun which consists of three times round a park with one of the steepest hills I have ever seen! This means that I have signed up for an array of running days throughout the year including Rough Runner, Edinburgh Marathon 5K, Gung Ho and a swamp run (I have no idea why I agreed to this!!). But big up to these Asics for making running that bit easier. 

Due to this hideous flu, I have been binging on avocado and green tea and I now fully understand the craze!!

Jumpsuit – Boohoo           Bag – Vivienne Westwood                          Shoes – Mango

Big up to loungewear as outerwear. I bought this amazing jumpsuit from Boohoo and it’s so comfy! It’s been perfect for the way I’ve been feeling (although very very annoying that you essentially have to undress just to go to the toilet!). Other than that, my pyjamas have seen their money’s worth and my dressing gown…well, are they ever given enough credit? (I’m sure we’ve all seen the memes). 

Yeah, pretty much. There’s nothing that annoys me more than a Billy Bullshitter. Just save the effort. I don’t know if it’s an age thing or what, but ain’t nobody got time for that. 

I thought adulting was drinking coffee, doing an online Tesco food shop and making adult decisions. I find it difficult to decide what I’m having for dinner at the best of times but here I am, buying a house. It turns out that being an adult is basically just like being a child but you have to actually pay for things yourself. I’m certain I will feel the same way, even into my 30s. 

I even bought a book to help understand what adulting is!! I’m still no wiser. But this book is insane, it’s a must read and really funny! I was reading another book (I won’t name names) but I started reading it over 4 weeks ago and still haven’t finished it…(certainly not what adulting is). 
Until next time – 

This is Kirsty X 


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