Women’s Body Armour

Hi all! 

Hope you all are well! I’m so glad to see the Spring weather finally emerging – all be it that it has it’s moments. I love nothing more in the Spring than simple outfits (because it’s still really cold!!) that I can change up with an array of accessories. 

  1. A great pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses – Dior 

Say ‘Hello’ to my new babies bought especially for the Summer. There’s nothing that symbolises a change in the weather like a new pair of sunnies. My old trusty ray bans have been hung up after 5 years of service and have upgraded to my Dior beauties. I was swaying between these and a Chanel pair but I loved that these are a statement piece – great for Summer and Winter. 

      2. A statement timepiece

Watch – Olivia Burton

I usually wear plain silver/metal watches with quite a small face for everyday however, I got this gorgeous Olivia Burton watch as a gift and I love it! It’s such a great statement watch – especially for the Spring or Summer time because of the light colours. It looks great with a plain jumper and simple gold necklace or even dressed up in the evening as a statement piece with a black jumpsuit. 

Ring – Own

I like to mix up bold statement watches with delicate and simple jewellery items such as this gold band. This was my Nanas wedding ring so I love that I can wear it with my everyday wear. 

      3. A rodeo belt 

Belt – Next

Love love love!! I got my belt from Next however, I know there is a lot of copy cats kicking about on the high street. The reason I bought this 1 was because the leather was so soft and I love the detailing on the base of the belt along with the double buckle and it was a size XS!! This never happens — you will know my pain if you’re my size and can never get a belt to fit properly. 

        4. A great pair of sliders 

Shoes – Birkenstock 

Firstly, my boyfriend hates these! Therefore, I am determined to wear these as much as possible in his company. I on the other hand love them! I got mine on sale directly at Birkenstock for £45. They are so comfortable and look great with just about anything. A great alternative to all the high street versions. 

        5. 90s scrunchie 

Scrunchie – River Island

I wear my scrunchie all the time. Its my go to for hair disasters. If it needs tied up, when I’m chilling out and looks great with a sort of half up half down bun! 

If you’re ever bored of an outfit or need to change things up, accessories are the go-to and can instantly transform any style! 

“Accessories are the exclamation point of any outfit” – Michael Kors. 

This is Kirsty X


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