Living life as Thumbelina

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all are well!!

As a 5ft 0 23 year old, it can be so difficult to get jeans, trousers, dresses, shoes and in fact anything to fit perfectly! Even more so when you have boobs the size of a regular person, a butt and some glute muscles. Fellow thumbelinas, I feel ya. 
Times are changing though. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see more and more high street brands featuring their “petite” lines. While it’s great that brands are catering for curve and plus size, I’m glad they haven’t forgotten about us teenie tinies. 

Jeans and Trousers

For me, it’s difficult to get trousers and jeans that are a good fit with a teenie tiny waist that aren’t too long and can still get over my butt. Some of my favourite high street brands for jeans and trousers are:

  • New Look
  • Topshop
  • ASOS

 These are my go-to when I need some new jeans or trousers. They fit perfectly around my waist without me needing to turn them up at the bottom and still have enough stretch to fit over my butt and thighs. 

I recently bought some “petite” mom jeans from missguided and was extremely disappointed. They were HUGE!! I was really surprised as Missguided’s Petite line is normally really great but trousers have been a complete no no for me. 

Zara have a great range of trouser and jeans on size 4 and the price point is great. The only thing for me is that they are not petite and need turned up for days. 

Tops, Shirts and Blouses

My top half seems to be slightly longer and more normal sized than my legs so I find I can get away with non-petite tops. However, I do find petite lines give me that perfect fit. Baggy fitting or loose draped tops look great from petite ranges but these type of tops in normal ranges make me look swamped. My top 3 petite brands for tops are: 

  • Topshop
  • Missguided
  • Boohoo

I have been loving PrettyLittleThing recently and love that they feature their regular line of clothing in size 4. They have some great fashion items and great prices and offers a fantastic alternative to similar items at higher price points in likes of Topshop and River Island. 

Jackets and Coats

Jackets and coats are a nightmare if you’re 5ft 3 and under. Most regular fitting coats and jackets are ill fitting, oversized and too long until petite options came to the rescue. I love nothing more than a good fitting coat, a long flowing duster jacket and an edgy biker jacket as they can transform any outfit. Even better when they fit perfectly. My go-to for great outerwear are: 

  • Marks and Spencer – Petite
  • Miss Selfridge
  • Topshop

Again Zara’s outerwear tops all and every season, their outerwear gets me adding yet more coats and jackets to my collection. 


If I were to wear only one item of clothing, it would always be a dress. I’m such a girl and love nothing more than wearing pretty dresses. Dresses are thing I find myself most buying in petite ranges as all of the proportions are right. Whether it by a midi, maxi or mini, they all sit at the right length and contour all the right places. Regular fitting ranges can be too big at the waist (which for a mini person like me, makes me look wider than what I actually am), super long and generally unflattering. My ultimate dress heroes are: 

  • Topshop
  • ASOS
  • Missguided 

Whilst they don’t do a specific “petite” range, most of H&Ms dresses look great on us mini people and a true to size. I find they are especially good for work/smart dresses but have a gorge range of casual alternatives. 


I used to hate shoes and it was simply because I couldn’t find a good fit. I’m a small UK 3 but mainly a UK 2 (Euro 35) but HUUURAHHHHH!!! The British High Street have finally started stocking UK 2s which means happy feet for me. Shout out to: 

  • Topshop 
  • River Island
  • ASOS
  • ZARA 

It ain’t easy being eensy. Have a great week – This is Kirsty X 


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