Obsessing over: NYX COSMETICS 

Hi lovelies! Happy Saturday 💘 

Hope you’re all well! I’m feeling super bleh (despite the fact it’s Saturday). I’m full of the cold, sore throat and super bunged up head so naturally the only thing making me feel better is some new makeup to play with 🤗.

I can’t get enough of NYX Cosmetics right now! 

I bought my first NYX Cosmetics “Butter Gloss” lipglosses from Cult Beauty a few weeks ago and fell in love with them! 

“Toasted Marshmallow” and “Madeline”. The texture is great as it’s not sticky at all, keeps your lips hydrated and the colour is strong. Everything a gal looks for in a lipgloss. 💄 and only £8!!

So naturally, I had to get my hands on more NYX goodies to experiment with. 
This HD eye shadow base is insane! I love it. I can’t think what I done before I had my hands on this. It keeps your eye shadow on ALL day! It stops the shadow from creasing, keeps colour looking vibrant and helps colours go on more true to their pigment. There’s nothing worse for me than when I apply eye shadow and the colour is so drab compared to the swatch. It’s also such good value for only £5.50. 

I used to use good old Topshop “pen marker” liquid liner – which I would highly recommend. However, as it’s started to dry out, I wanted to try something new. I’m very skepictal when it comes to eyeliner (and mascara – you have to invest in a good one!) but I love the NYX super skinny eyes marker liquid liner. It’s so easy to use – if like me, traditional liquid liner ends up everywhere all over your face!! The NYX super skinny eye marker allows your lines to appear straighter and neater. You can go thick or thin with the pen marker as you can build up colour, density and shape gradually. If there’s one makeup product you buy this weekend, make it this!! You can get it for only £8!

If I ever have too much of one particular makeup product, it’s lipgloss and lipstick. But can a girl really ever have too much??

I think not. 

I got this divine NYX “Lip Lingerie” liquid lipstick in the colour “Push Up” which is a blush nude type colour – £6.50.  The colour goes on great and stays on for ages! I wear it with the NYX lip pencil in “Peekaboo Neutral”. The lip liners are only £3 which are way cheaper than some other cosmetic counters – I can see myself stocking up on an array of colours over the next few weeks! The liquid lipsticks are a great alternative to traditional lipstick as they are more moisturising and easier to glide on in a hurry! 

All of the NYX Cosmetic products are great value for money with the same quality as more expensive beauty brands which is why I love it so much. So get on over to Boots and splurge!! (even better if you have a boots card with some advantage points!)

So after making my face look a little more pretty and little less stuffy, I’m off to get a new set of gel mani-pedi and enjoy some fun in the sun with my other half. 

Have a great weekend everybody 💘 

This is Kirsty X


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