Feeling Blue

Hi lovelies!

Happy Friday and happy long weekend for me! I can’t wait for a couple of days to relax and replenish!
So of course, I am not feeling blue. But I am feeling navy clothes at the moment! It’s a great alternative to black.

Anything denim, blue or navy, I’m all ears.

Necklace – Vivienne Westwood

Navy looks great for all seasons and is great for blondes. I always find it’s not as harsh with my white hair in comparison to black.

I bought this gorge navy jumpsuit from New Look petite and always find an excuse to wear it!

Jumpsuit – New Look         Jacket – Primark

Trainers – Topshop           Bag – Louis Vuitton

New Look were doing an introductory offer of 30% off for new customers so I got this for only £17.50!! But you can pick it up for only £24.99.

I like to wear it casual with trainers and this denim jacket as it’s soo comfy! But it also looks great with ‘barely there’ heels and a black leather biker draped over shoulders for evening.

The detailing is pretty simple with a wrap tie which you can tighten and loosen off so it’s great for a big meal – if like me, you eat yourself into a food coma!

So here’s a few of my top navy picks of the moment :

Both – Missguided

Tshirt – Boohoo.com

Shirt – In the Style

What’s your go-to colour?

Have a great weekend darlings – and if you’re feeling blue, paint yourself in another colour 💙

This is Kirsty X


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